Why Having A Cat Cafe Is An Awesome Idea (For Owners, Cats And Cat Lovers)

Having a Cat Cafe is an awesome idea! It’s great for cats. It’s great for cafe owners and it’s great for cat lovers. I just love it. Not just from the business perspective, but also from the perspective of a cat lover. It’s something, I think, you can’t do if you are not a cat person. From head to the toe.

Why Having A Cat Cafe Is An Awesome Idea (For Owners, Cats And Cat Lovers)

You probably know about this concept or even visited a cat cafe in the past, but for those of you who are not sure what cat cafe is all about, well, it’s a cafe where cats freely hang around and keep you company while you are sipping your first morning coffee or afternoon tea. These places are usually equipped with additional “features” to make them cat friendly. You will notice, when you entering such cafes, that there are two doors to open and close before entering the cafe. This is to prevent cats running out on the street.

Then you will notice cat furniture all around, tunnels on the walls, cat shelves, cat beds, scratching posts in the corners, wooden boxes where they can sleep or hide, bowls and feeders… and usually, there will be a wired fence between the bar and the rest of the cafe to prevent cats from jumping around the glasses, bottles and so on.

Next think you will notice is how warm and cozy it is there. It’s this magic ability cats have to calm you down. They do spend most of the time sleeping and you will calm down after few minutes in the cat cafe whether you want it or not. You will be able to pet them if they allow you to do so. Some may even decide that your lap is a purrfect place to nap. So you may have to stick around maybe a bit longer than you wanted to.

According to the Internet sources, the first cat cafes appeared in Thailand, Taiwan in 1998. They immediately became very popular among Japanese tourists and very soon more cat cafes started to pop-up in Japan too. Now, cat cafes are spreading around the world at the exponential pace.

Cat cafe is not just great places for sipping coffee, Cat Cafes are great for adoption too

Many cat cafes are also owned or partnered with animal shelters who need to find homes for cats. So, as people come by, have a coffee and make new cat friends, they will, in many cases, also be able o adopt cats. So, this is one more reason why cat cafes are a great idea. It gives a chance to introduce cats to people and people to cats, they may hang around in a cozy and calm atmosphere, take their time as they get to know each other and decide whether they want to spend more time, or even a whole life – together. That’s a great way for abandoned cats to find their forever home, but also for cat lovers to find their new forever cats.

All in all, cat cafes are truly great idea. For everyone. Even if you just want to be in a good company while drinking your favorite beverage – cat cafe is the place to be.

Personally, I always wanted to have my own cat cafe. Or at least partner with someone to get one. And maybe, just maybe, this dream will come true. In the meantime, I will make sure to visit one in every town I go to.

If you know about a great cat cafe in your town or some place you’ve been to – please let me know!

Here are some links to known cat cafes in UK:

  • Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, London
  • London Cat Village
  • Kitty Cafe, Nottingham
  • Mog on the Tyne, Newcastle
  • Catpawcino on the Quayside, Newcastle
  • Maison de Moggy, Edinburgh
  • The Cat in the Window, Aberdeen
  • Lady T’s, Derby
  • Cat Cafe, Manchester
  • Opening soon: You and Meow, Bristol; Feline Good Cat Cafe, Cardiff; Streetcat Bob and James Bowen’s – Bobs World Cafe, London

Personally, I visited this one in Bruxelles: Le chat touille

Why Having A Cat Cafe Is An Awesome Idea (For Owners, Cats And Cat Lovers)

And here are few ones in the United States

  • Meow Parlour, NYC
  • Orlando Cat Café
  • Purringtons Cat Lounge, Portland
  • KitTea Cat Cafe, San Francisco
  • The Cat Cafe, San Diego
  • Blue Cat Cafe, Austin
  • Denver Cat Company
  • Kawaii Kitty Cafe, Philadelphia
  • Eat, Purr, Love Cat Cafe, Columbus OH

So, as you travel, don’t miss them!

Love you all,


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