When Creation Comes From Passion – The Story Of Rita’s Cat Earrings

Rita from Siberia really made it on Etsy. She makes cat earrings from clay and it’s obvious – she has talent and a true passion for what she does. She sells thousands of those and it is no wonder, her earrings are really adorable.

Story of Rita’s Cat Earings

When Creation Comes From Passion - The Story Of Rita's Cat Earrings

Ritas parents insisted that she pursues a government career path (in finance). She was supposed to be a credit analysts, tax examiner or accountant. Whatever the case may be, her passion for cats and her creative spirit took her to a differnt path. When she started her hobby she knew nothing about clay-modelling, so she had to learn from scratch, all by herself. Obviously, it was a “bumpy” road for her to get to where she is now. It was filled with obstacles, failed attempts, countless retries until she mastered clay modelling. This reminded me of one of the most respected spiritual teachers of today, Eckhard Tolle, and how he once said that there are two different types of creation.

One is creation from ego and other is creation from our true self, from true love and passion.

Another very interesting thing he said is that is that we can easily distinguish and recognize what kind of energy drives us when we are creating. Just by simply observing our state of mind in the creation process we can tell what drives us.

If we get and angry and upset when we run into obstacles, this means that we are creating from ego, because it is ego who gets angry and frustrated and never our true self.

On the other hand, if we, in the process of creation, just acknowledge that something went wrong but still retain the peace, passion and love for what we do and proceed without any anger of feeling of frustration, then we know that what we do comes from the very source of the true self. Not ego, but the true self. Obviously, Rita creates with passion. It started as a hobby, then just few orders by her friends and now she sells thousands of her cat earrings on Etsy.

As a cat lover and a bit of a creator myself, I am really happy to be able to show you some of Rita’s work here in my blog too. (Btw. David Bowie Cat Pop Earings are my personal favorite :))

#1 Black Cat Halloween Earrings

Rita's Cat Earrrings - Black Halloween Cat earrings

#2 Purple Cheshire Cat Earrings

Rita's Cat Earrrings - Purple Cheshire Cat

#3 David Bowie Cat Pop Earrings

This one is my personal favorite 🙂

Rita's Cat Earrrings - David Bowie Pop Cat, Buy Now

#4 Blue Cheshire Cat Earrings

Rita's Cat Earrrings - Blue Cheshire Cat, Buy Now

#5 Totoro Cat Earrings

Rita's Cat Earrrings - Totoro, Buy Now

#6 Pikachu Cat Earrings

Rita's Cat Earrrings - Pikachu, Buy Now

#7 Catbus Earrings

Rita's Cat Earrrings - Catbus, Buy Now

#8 Espion Eevee Evolution Cat Earrings

Rita's Cat Earrrings - Espion Eevee Evolution, Buy Now

#9 Finn The Human Earrings

Rita's Cat Earrrings - Finn The Human Cat, Buy Now

#10 Nyanko Sensei Cat Earrings

#10 Rita's Cat Earrrings - Nyanko Sensei

I truly believe that products created by hand, by people who made it with passion and love, also carries this particular type of energy/vibration which cannot exist in objects which are created by robots in big industrial compounds. This is one more reason to support people who create with true love and passion.

If you are creator yourself, or some of your friends or family, let me know. I am always happy to share stories like this one, the story of Rita’s cat earrings.

Love you all,


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