Seven Cat Bags That Will Make You Stand Out As A Cat Lover

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Yes. These 7 cat bags will do just that, ladies and gentleman – cat lovers of the world.

In my last blog post I proudly presented you with 7 t-shirts for man (with cat motif’s of course) and today, it is my great pleasure to present you with my personal selection of cat bags that will make you stand out as  a cat lover so next time you’re out, people will make no mistake on whether you are a cat person or not. And since I am so fund of number 7, then again, I will make it 7 cat bags and which I personally like very much and I hope that you will like them to.

I just realized that I started this blog post with “Ladies and gentleman”. Yes, gentleman too. Now you’re out of excuses on “I have no idea what to get her.” Here are ideas. And if you want to be sure you’ll get her what she wants then ask her to take a look at these seven beauties. She’ll let you know. No worries there 🙂

So, without further ado, let’s see what this selection looks like.

Seven cat bags for cat lovers

1. Luxury Cat Shoulder Bag

Luxury Cat Shoulder Bag

This is a brand new addition to my shop. Fancy bag made of high quality materials and handmade rhinestone embellishment. I don’t know abut you, but I find this color combo a real winner. When it comes to design this bag is a mixture of artistic expression (the space-like background with stars, planets and space cats) and elegance (especially the handle). I’d take this one anywhere, despite the “Luxury” part of this bag, I’d take it with me even to non-luxury events such as – shopping 😉

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2. Cat Shoulder Bag, Chain Bag

Cat Shoulder Bag, Chain Bag

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This one is a bit smaller, but the illustration on it – it’s just adorable! This is an eye-catcher. So, if you want to make sure that you are noticed, this bag would probably be the choice of the evening. Even the people that don’t know you will know at least two things about you by this bag: 1. that you are not afraid of being noticed 2. that you are a cat person




3. Shoulder bag, cute shoulder bag shaped as cat

Shoulder bag, cute shoulder bag shaped as cat

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This is a retro POP/DISCO culture bag. It has the 70’s nostalgia all over it. Goes perfectly with platform shoes and the sound of Deep Purple or ABBA. It is a perfect party bag, but I can also imagine someone wearing it to a business meeting, when you want to confuse your counterparts 🙂 So, all in all – thumbs up!




4. Cat crossbody bag, shoulder bag with cat embroidery

Cat crossbody bag, shoulder bag with cat embroidery

Here comes a black and gold combo. A classic. And always a winner. Without these golden cat head embroidery, it would be a typical simple, old-fashioned, just black, practical cross-body ladies bag. But! The emblem needlework makes it a whole different story! It’s still simple and elegant, but with a “cat touch” it becomes interesting and fun and elegant at the same time. End these two ears popping out! It’s adorable. And since it is dominantly black it will go with elegant dress or costume in just about any color.

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5. Cat Shaped Shoulder Bag

Cat shaped shoulder bag

Red and black combo. Can’t miss with that one. We had such combo on number three, but this time we are not talking retro, we are talking modern. Manga cartoons? Yes, it reminds me of manga too. This one is for young ladies, or to be more precise – young cat ladies. A prefect gift for girls who love cats and manga or just cats or just manga. No doubt about it.

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6. Embroidered Cats Shoulder Bag

Embroidered Cats Shoulder Bag

This one I liked so much that I even paid an advertising for it on Facebook CatMagg page. And many of you liked it too. It is a purrfect casual bag, to go with jeans or any other casual style clothing. It’s fun but without “screaming” colors. Also, good for any occasion. Not just casual weekends.


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7. Canvas Shoulder Bag with Totoro Cat Print

Canvas shoulder bag with Totoro cat print made of dense fabric. Zippered canvas shoulder bag with two zippered outside pockets. Great shoulder bag for cat lovers.

This cat bag is the last one in this selection, but definitely one of the best in this selection. This is pure fun, fit for any age, good for a all kinds of occasions, for outdoors, visits to friends, travel … it’s fun, it’s practical, it’s casual. Makes you and others around you – smile. What more can one ask for 🙂

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So. That’s it for this blog post. I hope you liked this selection of cat bags. These all are available in my shop. I selected them because I think they deserve to have a place here. Don’t forget, we offer worldwide free shipping and a personal customer support. That’s something you won’t get at Amazon or big retailers.

Love you all,


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