Mornings, Commitments And A Cat Shower Curtain

It’s 2:45PM. Morning is long gone. Basically it is nap time now. It is scientifically proven that we should take one hour nap in the afternoon.  To keep our brains younger. But, instead, I just added a new product to my little shop. Cat shower curtain. Here are some pictures.

Cat shower curtains Le Chat noir bathroom shower curtains, shower curtains with cat print

And now, I am writing this blog post. Why? You see, I love this shop. I am spending approximately 12 hours a day just working on it. But, it is not enough that I know that I love it. I need my visitors, as you, to know that I love it. Why? Well, I know that one of the biggest obstacles for buyers to make a purchase on line is trust. So, for instance, if you were looking to buy some home ware  and you saw this particular cat shower curtain [check out the images, aren’t they awesome?] that you like, or want to buy to someone as a present, you will probably, consciously or subconsciously ask yourself “Should I buy here, in this little shop or should I go and get something like that, for instance, on Amazon?”

As I said, I do that. It’s normal. So, I what I do when I want to see how trustful the on-line shop is – I always check the blog. If I see that the blog is regularly updated, that the owners of the blog are regularly publishing on it with some honest content, this is a very good sign. It shows that someone is there and I see that someone is talking to their visitors and caring about them. I already wrote about some products from this shop, such as cat leggings and cat purses.

So, now, if you are reading this, you will, at least, see that someone is here, someone who works hard on this shop and who will do everything to make your shopping here a pleasant experience. Because, this is our advantage in front of Amazon. Here, you will get an instant (or close to instant) reply to any question or customer support issue you may have. This is because either me or some of my coworkers are always here, ready to answer, provide help, support, additional info about the purchase, anything. And we offer free shipping. On all products. So, these are our advantages in front of the big corporate shops.

So, where was I. Yes, it’s 5:15PM. I guess you’ll think I’m a slow writer, but I did some checkup and selection of cat shower curtain images in the mean time. I also made me a coffee which I am about to finish.

I hope you will like these cat shower curtains that I selected for my shop. I always hand-pick only the designs I like, so, well, hopefully we have a compatible “taste” 🙂

I think this is all for now, gotta go, love you all guys, stay well and I will see you soon!




By “soon” I mean by the end of this week, or weekend at latest. That’s because I made a commitment to make 2 blog posts a week for a year. OK. I can get away with one blog post a week now and then, but I made a commitment and I plan to stick to it.

Oh, just one last thing before I go. Did you check my last post about making a CatMagg cat bed? Please check it out. I think we will be starting a production soon.

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