Homemade Cat Food – Breaking Your Cat’s Junk Food Addiction

Homemade Cat Food

Homemade cat food is probably the only solution for cats who are addicted (or even allergic) to cat junk food and are suffering health issues because of that.

Vets agree on that.

This is a story of our 7 years old cat Myratz (strange name, I know), his health problems and how we are struggling to help him with homemade cat food.

Myratz was a perfectly healthy cat. A bit grumpy – maybe. Not the most forthcoming guy – maybe. But healthy nevertheless. Or at least I though so. Until I started noticing he’s losing hair on belly and legs. So, I took him to the vet. And we did lab tests. Blood and urine. Nothing was found. But, as the time passed, he was loosing more fur. So, I took him to another vet. And another.

Myratz losing hair on belly and legs

Until, one of them said: “Your cat is allergic to dry cat food. I call it cat junk food. He is allergic to it, but the chances are he is also addicted to it. He needs raw meat.

“Cats are strict carnivores which means they are designed to get their protein from meat – not from the high level of  grains/peas/potatoes found in dry food.”
(Lisa A. Pierson, DVM, author of “Feeding Your Cat: Know the Basics of Feline Nutrition” [pdf file])

And we must never forget that. Cats are strict carnivores. Whether we like it or not. Personally, I am a vegetarian. Obviously, I am not too happy about preparing raw meat. But if I wanted to help my cat – that was the only way. Even before I realized that something is wrong with Myratz, I tried to get them to eat more homemade cat food and less of the “processed” cat food. You will find a lots of cat food recipes on my blog here.

Homemade Cat Food

Tito the Cat – getting ready to eat his portion of raw meat

However, although there is nothing wrong with cooking food for cats, if they are already used to eating exclusively junk food, it will not be easy to get them to enjoy homemade cat food which is much better for them. We must never forget that they are coming from the family of wild animals which eat only raw meat. Plain and simple – raw meat. Cats living in an open space, in a country, what do they do? They hunt. For meat. So, let’s not forget that.

Homemade Cat Food

Pierre awaiting for the portion of homemade cat food

So, I started giving Myratz and all other cats in my house more of a raw meat and less junk food. The resistance is obvious. To make the story even worse, Myratz, of all cats, hates raw meat the most. He is the most addicted cat of all. He’d rather be hungry than eat raw meat. And this struggle continues. I need to find balance and make sure that he does not get under nurtured on one hand, but also that he does not get too much of a junk food either. Only time will tell if I will succeed in this.

However, one thing is sure. Cats addiction to junk food, especially dry cat food is a reality. And this addiction can lead to serious health issues. So, a message to all of you who have kittens, don’t give them just “processed” cat food. Make sure that they get a balanced mixture of homemade cat food, raw meat and only some junk food. Because they will easily get addicted and you will have a problem later on when health issues start to get them to eat something their organism needs.

More info: Homemade Cat Food and Raw Cat Food, WebMD

As I mentioned earlier, I did spend some time preparing a homemade food for my cats. As they were only eating industrially processed cat food for whole of their lives, it was not easy to get them to eat something more healthy. Here are links to some of my recipes with jury results 🙂 I closely monitored my cats reaction to each of these meals and graded the success of the recipe accordingly:

Homemade Cat Food; Challenge No.7 Cheesy Snacks
Homemade Cat Food; Recipe No.6 Hake with yogurt
Homemade Cat Food; Challenge No. 5 Sardines à la Cat
Homemade Cat Food; Recipe No.4 Chicken Barley Porridge
Homemade Cat Food; Recipe No.3 Beefy Dinner
Homemade Cat Food; Recipe No.2 Chicken Meowy Jelly
Homemade Cat Food Recipes; Recipe No.1 The Tuna Crackers


Homemade Cat Food

Pierre’s ears sticking over the ceramic cooking surface while I was preparing food for my cats

So, all in all, I will try to keep you posted as I am fighting the cat junk food addiction and trying to get my cats to eat food which is better for them. Even for us, humans, it is not easy to resist junk food, despite of the fact that we are fully aware of why we should not eat it. Now, imagine how it is for cats, they have no idea why junk is food bad for them, they just know it tastes good and it makes the hunger go away. That’s all they know. So, once they get used to junk food, we, as cat owners are having a hard time getting them to eat something more healthy for them.

Finally, whatever you do, don’t fall into temptation to give them only what they ask for, like in this video 🙂

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