Cat Purse Selection For All Occasions And Generations

Cat Purse Selection For All Occasions And Generations

If you are looking for a fashionable and fun cat purse for your self or as a present to someone who likes cats, well I hope we will help you put an end to your search. This is because I made sure that my shop has a nice collection of various cat purses for every occasion. Something functional, to wear every day, or something cool to take out for a party or a club? Something for little girls? Teenager? Mother? Even grandmother? Fun, colorful or minimalist and simple? Well, CatMagg.Com cat purse offering covers all of those. Different colors, different sizes, materials … something for every occasion and for every generation 😀 (this sounded like a commercial from the fifties :D)

And anything you buy here on CatMagg.Comwe will ship for free.

So, feel free to explore our cat purse collection, contact us should you have any question and we will be happy to help you out with any questions you may have.

Now, one thing in interesting, when it comes to purses (and not just cat purses, but purses in general) and that is how different meaning this word have in British English and American English.

Just head over to Google and type: What is purse. You will see that in Britain it has different meaning than in US. Here is what Google says:

a small pouch of leather or plastic used for carrying money, typically by a woman.
“she had enough in her purse for bus fare”
synonyms: wallet, pouch, money bag; More

a handbag.
“a young woman with a purse hanging from her elbow”
synonyms: handbag, bag, clutch bag, shoulder bag, evening bag, pochette

So as you can see, if you are British, all these bags on the image above are purses in US 🙂

Anyways, purses and handbags are part of our image, one of the first things people notice on us and it is worthwhile getting a piece that will show the world that you are a cat lover. It is also a good conversation starter: “Oh, what a nice purse you have there. You like cats or is it there just for aesthetic purposes?” “I like cats. They are more than just aesthetics for me.” And yada… yada .. yada … you have a friend for life. 😀

Anyway, the whole idea is to offer great looking purses to cat lovers and I hope you will find something interesting for you too. If you find some other images of purses you like, feel free to post them in a comment. I’d like to know what you like.

In the meantime, stay well, love your cats, your hubby’s girlfriends, boyfriends, neighbors … and we’ll speak soon!

Love you all,

Silvia, the one behind the CatMagg.Com.

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