Buying A Cat Scratching Post – Do You Feel Lucky?

Disclaimer by Silvia: Buying a cat scratching post can be a pleasant experience. But it doesn’t have to. I don’t just recommend quality products. I tend to put a lot of humor in my blog posts too. That is why my blog posts are often somewhat unusual but the core information from my posts should be taken seriously as I am, after all, taking my cats and their needs – seriously.

Buying A Cat Scratching Post - Do You Feel Lucky?

OK. So let’s get started.

Unless you really hate your furniture, you will need to get a scratching post for your cat.

Now, before making a decison on buying a cat scratching post for cat(s) you may ask youself one question:

  1. Do I feel lucky?

Yeah, I bet this one winkled out a smile on your face, but this is actually so true.

And here are a few more questions which you will need to answer before making that decision:

  1. Am I rich enough to buy cheap scratching post?
  2. Do I like my furniture?
  3. Where do I go for vacation this summer?

OK. You can scratch the last one out. It’s clearly unrelated 😉

But, before we go on and answer these questions, let’s try to find an answer to a question why cats need to scratch in the first place?

So, why do cats need to scratch their claws? Why?

Why do cats need to scratch their claws

There are several theories on why cats need to scratch their nails on someone else’s back… oops! Wrong song. Fortunately, cats are not doing this on our backs.

So, why do they do it? Some say they are grooming their claws that way (regular maintenance ;)), others say they are marking a territory and some, again, believe that they are doing it because it simply makes them feels good. (Makes sense;))

1. Do I feel lucky?

If you are not sure which cat scratching post to buy or if you are a first time buyer, choosing a scratching post can be kind of a lottery. And when was the last time you won a lootery? Exactly. So, if you are lucky you will get a good scratcher (another term for cat scratching post) from the first try. The one which will last, which will not make a mess on your floor once cats start scratching and which will not just fall apart within few months.

In some cases, if you are very unlucky, cats will not come near their new scratching post. They will not like the smell of the materials the scratching post was made of. It’s possible. So, it will be a total waste of money. Total. Waste of money. Horrible.

How do we rule out the “luck factor” from buying a scratching post?

It helps reading a feedback from people who previously purchased a particular scratching post of course. However, taking a good advice from someone who lives with many cats (say, eight) for many many years already and also has thier own cat shop and plenty of scratching posts – helps even more. (Yes, you guessed right. That would be me.  :))

So, I think the answer is – yes, you are lucky! You are lucky because you are reading this post which will help you rule out the luck factor in your next cat scratching post purchase. Hint: “Mackoo Scratch Post – The Stinging Claw“.

2. Am I rich enough to buy cheap cat scratching post?

There is this old english saying, it goes something like: “I am not rich enough to buy cheap products.”

If you are a cat owner, chances are you already have at least one cat scratching post. For instance, I have 8 cats and 5 scratching posts at home. And if you have been cat owner for a while already, then you know how important it is that scratching post is durable, lasting, in two words: “heavy-duty”. Yes, it really needs to be solid unless you want to end up buying a new one every now and then.

If I had a dime for every time I was caught in a trap of buying a cheap scratching post only to find out that our cute little kitten turned it into pieces in no time … 🙂

And then you buy a second one and eventually a third one just to realize, finally that there is no point in buying cheap scratching posts. It is more expensive at the end.

And this is so true, for everything and especially when it comes to scratching posts for cats.

3. Do I like my furniture?

Well, now that I look back, I guess this should have been a question No.1.

Because, if you don’t like your furniture and are looking for a good excuse to get rid of it, then, by all means, just don’t buy a scratching post. Your cats will take care of the rest 🙂


Well, I hope you did not just skip to “Conclusion” without reading the whole article. There are fun parts there.

So, having said all this, ladies and gentleman! Let me present you

Mackoo – The Stinging Claw

Yes, there is a brand new brand on the block their name is Mackoo Cat Furniture and you better get one of their scratching posts soon before they get astronomically popular, meaning – real expensive. Their products are made of eco-friendly materials and are easy to set up. They are mostly made of strong acacia wood, waterproof birch plywood and come with carpeting and removable cat bed (pillow).

Wall mounted cat scratching post with bed, handmade by Macko Furniture

Mackoo – The Stinging Claw, space saving wall mounted cat scratching post

You see, when it comes to scratching posts, I know quality when I see one. Living with 8 cats really leaves you no choice. You get to learn about this stuff and believe me, you don want to learn the way I did. It’s expensive. And it’s time-consuming. Their scratching posts are crafted with quality and durability in mind. How do I know? I have three at home.

So, to cut the long story short – Mackoo is what I ended up with. I’ve been using their scratching posts for 5 years now and I have no intention to switch to any other brand anytime soon. First of all because they are, even after five years, still as good as new and secondly – because I don’t need more. Three scratching posts is just about enough for my little kittens.

Oh, by the way – meet my crew 🙂

This crew is testing Mackoo Cat Scratch Posts for five years already!

This crew is testing Mackoo Cat Scratch Posts for five years already!

For Mackoo products, once the carpetry is worn out (and it will take some time for it to wear out, depending on how many cats you have at home) it can be easily replaced.

If you make a purchase and throw in a coupon code IKnowSilvia, you’ll get extra 20% off. And if you read that post from the start all the way to here – you know me already 🙂

To use the coupon code select “Add To Cart”. PayPal Express Checout does not support coupon codes yet. You will, however, be able to pay with PayPal through “Add To Cart” option.

PayPal - Add to Cart

OK. I think that’s all for this post. Use the coupon code, stay tuned for more as more of posts like this are coming up on the one and only CatMagg Web Shop!

Love you all,


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