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My name is Silvia Bookowatz and I am the leader of the team behind the CatMagg.Com web site.

One of the most important things to know about us is that we are passionate cat lovers. Personally, I live with 8 cats and am actively engaged in cat help/rescue activities locally but also internationally, mainly through the cat rescue NGO S.O.S Cat. Cats are not just a business for me, cats are primarily, well, simply put - my love.

Alongside with me is my husband, Darijan, who is an IT specialist and is helping me with the technical issues related to this web site. We are also running a small CNC manufacture where we design, develop and produce our own cat related products. We are also teaming up with other manufacturers who's products we offer in this shop.

Apart from this, I am a passionate photographer, my models are 99% (you guessed) - cats. Most of my photo-work is regularly published on Instagram page CatsMagazine . You can also follow us on Facebook CatsMagazine

Basically, what I want to say is - we know about cats. Cats have been our best friends and our passion for years and this site is here to aggregate the knowledge, passion and love for these beautiful little creatures.

I started this site with one goal in mind - to create a central web point where passionate cat lovers will find affordable, quality cat related products and get them to their homes without any shipping charges. Since it was not easy to find such place on the Internet I decided that I will make one. Thus, CatMagg.Com.

We've said enough about us earlier and, after all, we are not that important anyway. Meet our little fur-balls, our passion and our inspiration, the ones who bring joy and motivation to our everyday lives.

Our feline helpers - they are important. :)
Mr. Alphons Meower
Product Test Specialist
Myratz Catsidy
Product Test Specialist
Poofah McClaw
Product Test Manager
Tito Meowalot
Product Test Specialist
Pierre Purry
Product Test Specialist
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Finally, we hope you will enjoy your stay, find something you like and please do not hesitate Contact Us for any questions or feedback you might have. We are doing our best to reply to every message we get.

Thank you for coming and a big MEOW from Silvia and the CatMagg.Com team!
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