5 Best Cat Illustrations on T-shirts for Women

5 Best Cat Illustrations on T-shirts for Women

Ladies and gentleman! Cat lovers of the world – I salute you!

My name is Silvia and I am the person behind this blog and the CatMagg web shop. And you? Chances are – you are a cat lover. Or maybe you are just looking for a present for the cat lover(s). Possibly you are here just by sheer coincidence. However, whatever the case may be – everything happens for a reason so – Welcome!

I am happy that you are here, meaning I am not just writing this for myself. And I hope you will enjoy the show. Well, not necessarily the show, but the post.

Today we talk Tshirts. Cat Tshirts. The matter of fact is that we all have a bunch of them in our closets. And that’s no wonder. We mostly wear them during the summer and change them on a daily basis. Even twice a day. So, we can’t have too many, right?

Another great thing about Tshirts is that, unlike shoes or trousers, we use Tshirts to deliver a message. A statement. Sometimes we use them as a medium to deliver a political statement and sometimes to express our taste in arts, music and so on. (Ok, of course, you can make a statement with shoes or trousers, but it is rarely used when compared to T-shirts).

So, being a cat person and all, it is hard for me to think of a better illustration to have on my Tshirt but, well, a cat! It shows my taste in art and my love for cats, all in one 🙂 (Or should I say it shows my “aesthetic taste” ;))

And thus, this blog post. And this selection of the best cat illustrations on Tshirts for a woman well, at least IMHO. (Now, for men, we all know men are a totally different story so I will make a separate presentation on Tshirts for men). These are, of course, all from my shop and I hope you will love them as much as I do.

Did I mention the shipping of these Tshirts is free? Oh, Yes, It Is! 🙂

5 Best Cat Illustrations On T-shirts for Women

So, here are 5 cool Tshirts to show the world that you are a cat lover 🙂

  1. Three black cats – lovely t-shirt, printed with three adorable black cats.
  2. Le Meow – white women’s t-shirt with cute cat print in a French style
  3. Cat and fish – cat t-shirt with adorable cat illustration
  4. Blue cat sitting on the wall – unusual but lovely cat illustration
  5. Blue cat – sweet cat illustration
Cat T-shirt, T-shirt printed with three cats    'Le Meow' women's white T-Shirt with a cat print design. Made of poyester and spandex, regular sleeve style. Purrfect gift for cat lovers.    Cat print batwing Summer T-shirt    Cat print batwing Summer T-shirt    Cat print batwing Summer T-shirt
 Three black cats // Sold out    Le Meow    Cat and fish    Blue cat sitting on the wall    Blue cat

Finally, if you run into a design that you like, share it with us, post it in a comment. I am always an a quest for new cool cat designs.

So, happy shopping, talk soon and don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions you might have! Well, maybe not any question. 🙂 There are quite a few that I would not be able to answer, but as long as they are related to cats or to this shop – I will be happy to help!

Love you all,

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