Homemade Cat Food Recipes; Recipe No.1 The Tuna Crackers

Homemade Cat Food; Recipe No.1 The Tuna Crackers

Ladies and gentlemen! Dear visitors and cat lovers! Welcome to catmagg.com and welcome to the

100 Homemade Cat Food Recipes In 100 Weeks Challenge

So, what is the challenge? In the next 100 weeks, we will try and do our best to test 100 cat food recipes, one recipe per week.

It is a huge undertaking and it’s very long-term, but somehow we decided to try and go for it. Each week, we will present you the recipe, make a meal according to it, show you how we did it and we’ll give it for tasting to our five cats grand jury we have over here. We will carefully observe their reactions and let you know exactly what they told us (well, in their specific – cat language) about the food they were give to taste.

So, before we begin, let’s meet the jury. As we said, the jury is a gang of five cats who were kind enough to let us stay (and live) in the house with them and make them food (in addition to other daily cat related duties of course). We have reasons to believe they will keep us alive for as long as they think we are useful.

Meet The Jury

Poofah McClaw Mr. Alphons Meower Myratz Catsidy Tito Meowalot Pierre Purry
Poofah, the oldest member of the jury (9 years old) calico cat. The queen. Leader of the gang. Mr. Alphons, eight years old, three legged gentlemen with manners and a fine taste for food. Myratz, six years old tiger cat, the strongest in the bunch. Tito, B&W male cat, the craziest (and the one with the best appetite) in the bunch. Pierre, the charming cat.

So, these five live with us in our house and they will be the lucky ones to try and test all these recipes.

So, let’s get to it. The name of the first recipe we tried is:

Homemade Cat Food; Recipe No.1 The Tuna Crackers


Time required to get it done: 25 – 30 minutes

Preparing “The Tuna Crackers” is quite simple and straight forward.

Here is what we need:

  • 6 ounces of undrained tuna
  • 1 cup of cornmeal
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1/3 cup of water

Recipe #1 "The Tuna Crackers"

Mix all these ingredients in a bowl, preferably with hands so that the tuna is well crumbled and mixed with the flour.

Recipe #1 "The Tuna Crackers"

Roll the mixture into a 1/4 inch thick roll and cut it into pieces (the usual treat size).

Recipe #1 "The Tuna Crackers"

As you can see from the image below Tito immediately showed interest in the process which looked quite promising.

Recipe #1 "The Tuna Crackers"

Once the cookies are ready, place them into a greased cookie sheet or cooking pan as we did.

Recipe #1 "The Tuna Crackers"

Bake the crackers for about 20 minutes on 350(°F) degrees (180°Celsius). Once they get a golden-brown color – they are ready.

Recipe #1 "The Tuna Crackers"

Once they were cooled off and we were finally ready to present them to our jury (which was mostly sleeping at that time but Tito, as you can see was delighted).

Recipe #1 "The Tuna Crackers"

Eventually, our jury woke up and tested the crackers.

Here is how they voted:

Poofah McClaw Mr. Alphons Meower Myratz Catsidy Tito Meowalot Pierre Purry
one star

Poofah: No, thank you, no, no!! What is this? Are you serious? What? Are you trying to offend me? What did I do? I’ll piss in your kitchen if you offend me like that again. (She actually did that some hours later, but that’s a whole different story.)

two stars

Mr. Alphons: “Look, well, ok, I’ll eat some. Not much. It’s tasteless. But I will consider it an appetizer or entrée as we say in France. Make it better next time

one star

Myratz: “Get out of here. Where is the real food?” Obviously: 1 (that’s because 1 is the minimum).

four stars

Tito: “Awesome! Love it, but it was better before you cooked it.”

one star

Pierre: “I don’t know. You seemed like a nice gal. I’ll give it two points only because I can’t believe you’d give me something that tastes like one star. (and please don’t let me judge something like that again)

The Verdict

Since each vote of the jury members has the same “weight” we will calculate the average. Total stars given was 9 divided by 5, well, average is 1,8.

Obviously, the tuna crackers were not a great success, but, well, who knows, maybe it is still worth to try it and see what your cat(s) think about it. Ours is a strange bunch 🙂

Well, the journey of 1 000 miles starts with the first step and pretty similarly, so our journey through 100 cat food recipes started with this post.

We hope you liked it, we certainly had fun making the food and, well, see you next week when we will prepare

Chicken Meowy Jelly

Until then, stay well!

A big MEOW! from the CatMagg Crew

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