Homemade Cat Food; Recipe No.2 Chicken Meowy Jelly

Homemade Cat Food; Recipe No.2 Chicken Meowy Jelly

Wise man once said: “Make promises. Keep promises.” Or was it a wise warrior? Or brave warrior? Doesn’t matter. We promised last week to deliver one cat recipe each week for the next 100 weeks (yes, that’s one-hundred) and we managed to make it to the week two! So, ladies and gentleman, CatMagg.Com crew proudly presents:

Homemade Cat Food; Recipe No.2 Chicken Meowy Jelly


Time required to get it done: 20 minutes and that’s if you already have a chicken broth ready, if not, it will take 1 h i 20 minutes to prepare this.

Here is what we need:

  • 3 cups of chicken broth
  • 1/2 cup of flour (barley flour)
  • 3/4 cup of cooked minced chicken meat
  • 1/4 cup of cooked carrots (sliced into thin strips or cubes)

So, let’s get started!

We didn’t have prepared chicken broth, so we cooked chicken and carrots (which we used later)…

Recipe #2 "Chicken Meowy Jelly"

As always, some of the jury members had to inspect the cooking process as well …

Recipe #2 "Chicken Meowy Jelly"

… and check the quality of the ingredients.

Recipe #2 "Chicken Meowy Jelly"

Cool the chicken broth for abut 5 minutes and add flour. While the mix cooks stir it until you get a creamy mixture.

Finally add chicken meat and sliced carrots.

Recipe #2 "Chicken Meowy Jelly"

Pour the contents into the bowl(s) and let it cool off.

Recipe #2 "Chicken Meowy Jelly"

You may sprinkle a little fresh (or dried) celery and serve the meal to the cat(s).

On image below you can see Poofah contemplating over the served food. Seems like she already reached the verdict.

Recipe #2 "Chicken Meowy Jelly"

If you’d like to know more about our jury of five, please see the post with the first recipe, we introduced our jury here ->

And here are the votes:

Poofah McClaw Mr. Alphons Meower Myratz Catsidy Tito Meowalot Pierre Purry
one star

Poofah: “Again? And you really plan on producing this in-edible meals on weekly basis? For 100 weeks? You gotta be kidding me.”

one star

Mr. Alphons: “My dear lady. I know I am known for my good manners. But that is no reason to abuse them. I might lose my patience one day you know. I am really counting on you to do a better job next time.”

one star

Myratz: “I’m not talking to you any more. Not that I was talking to you before, but now, all chances of me talking to you again are dead and buried.”

five stars

Tito: “Yeah!” short silence “Yeah! Yeah! Gimme more of this!”

one star

Pierre: “Last time you made a meal, I was shore it can not get much worse.  I’m totally terrified that I was wrong. The fly I ate this morning tasted better.”

The Verdict

Since each vote of the jury members has the same “weight” we will calculate the average. Total stars given was 9 divided by 5, well, average is 1,8.

Again. Not a success. We truly hope the recipes we plan to do in the future will do better. Otherwise we might start losing hope that anything can be better than the food from the pet store.

Next time we will prepare

Beefy Dinner

Until then, stay well!

A big MEOW! from the CatMagg Crew

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