10 Cute Smartphone Cases With Cat Illustrations

10 Cute Smartphone Cases With Cat Illustrations

I figured, if I’m not selling much on this shop, I could at least have some fun writing. And writing can be fun. If you are in a good mood. Even if you are not, it may take you there. So, while I wait for someone to purchase something from my shop (for instance – a cute smartphone case), I thought I’d exercise some screenplay writing. You see, there was a time in my life when I wanted to be a screenplay writer. And since the blog post needs to be about the stuff I sell here, I figured I’d come up with 10 movie screenplay dialogs adapted to fit the cat illustrations. It is a typical man and a woman in a bar scene.

How and why?

Designs, symbols, drawings/shapes and colors of our smartphone cases are saying more about us than we’d like to admit. When people meet us, especially when they see us for the first time, their opinion about us is based, among other factors, on our appearance. And the moment we pull out our smartphone, our smartphone case becomes a part of our appearance.
I know, sounds funny, but it’s true. Just think about it for a second.

Let’s say your smartphone case is black. Just pure black. My husband has one like this. What message is he sending? “Leave me alone, ask me nothing, I’m not saying anything.” If he had, say, a pink one, his message would be “I’m a girly man.” or “I have an unconventional sense of humor. Let’s make fun out of my smartphone case.” If it was red, his message would be … “I’m color-blind.”. 😀

Cool smartphone cases may be a nice icebreaker in the conversation as well.
So, imagine this. In a bar. Two strangers. He is looking for a opening line, but “Can I buy you a drink?” is just so 80’s. (Not to mentionDo you come here often?).

Screenplay idea:

  • MAN: “Oh, I this is a cute cat illustration on your smartphone cover. Do you like cats?”
  • WOMAN: “Actually, no, I am more of a dog person but this one was on discount. I got it for 5 bucks.”
  • MAN: “Can I buy you a drink? Do you come here often?”

So, without any further ado, let me present you with my selection of 10 cute smartphone cases with cat illustrations accompanied with some opening line ideas for men. Except for the first one. I just couldn’t come up with anything for the first one so feel free to throw some ideas. 😀

#1 Art Nouveau Style Cat Illustration

Cat iPhone case, transparent smartphone case with cat print

Art Nouveau was always one of my favorite artistic styles and this case is one fine example of classical Art Nouveau style. It is simple, but still illustrates, very nicely, the magic and mystery of a black cat. This is a perfect selection for fine art and cat lovers. As I said, I could not come up with any meaningful dialogue for this one.

# 2 Funny Graphics Three Cats Case // Sold

Three cats case

  • MAN (looking at her smartphone cover): “So, which of those three is you.”
  • WOMAN: “My name is Sunshine. And these are my girls.”
  • MAN: “Can I buy you a drink?”

#3 Zen Style Cat Illustration

Black cat iPhone case

  • MAN: “Nice smartphone cover. Does it mean you like being alone or you just feel alone.”
  • WOMAN: “..”
  • MAN: “Can I buy you a drink?”

#4 Fat Cat – Cute Illustration, black and white smartphone case

iPhone case with cute cat illustration

  • MAN: “Hey! This is funny little fat cat.”
  • WOMAN: “Yeah! That’s me in some parallel universe where you come up with a better opening line.”
  • MAN: “Can I buy you a drink?”

#5 Because Cats – Hundreds Of Cats

Because cats, cute cover case for iPhone and Samsung

  • MAN: “Gee! That’s a lot of cats!”
  • WOMAN: “Yeah! Not all of them could fit in, so I left some at home.”
  • MAN: “Can I buy you a drink?”

#6 More Than Just A Few Fat Cats

  • silicone case with phone ring and little notebook – all in a plastic bag

Cats printed silicone case for iPhone with iPhone ring

  • MAN: “Hey! Your phone cover matches your notebook! That’s classy!”
  • WOMAN: “Buy me a drink.”
  • MAN: “Do you come here often?”

#7 Cat And Mouse On The Window // Sold!

  • comes with a strap too

iPhone soft silicone case, black cats

  • MAN: “So, what are you? A cat or a mouse?”
  • WOMAN: “I’m a human being, for crying out loud! Look at me? Do I look like? A cat? A rat? What’s wrong with you?” (smashes him with the strap)
  • MAN: “OK! OK! It was a lousy opening line! Let me buy you a drink!”

#8 Pop-cat

Cute black and white cat iPhone silicone case

  • MAN: “Hello, Kitty! “
  • WOMAN: “..”
  • MAN (leaves)
  • WOMAN (takes off glasses): “Where on earth do you think you’re going? Get over here and buy me a drink! Ask me if I come here often!”
    • (Puts her glasses back on. And “I,m hard to get” face too.)

This for those of us who just feel – cool. Like celebrities. Hiding these “partied all night” eye-bags behind the 50’s style sun glasses. For sure, this is for cool ones.

#9 Lucky cat // Sold!

  • silicone case with phone ring

Lucky cat iPhone case with ring stand holder

  • MAN: “Lucky! Is this your cat?”
  • WOMAN: “Oh yes! That’s my cat – Lucky!”
  • MAN: “Can I buy you a drink?”

This is the only cat (in this selection) with a name. Obviously, the name is “Lucky” and just one look at her is enough to bring a smile on your face.

#10 Curious

Black and wihte iPhone case with lovely cat print

  • MAN (talking to a smartphone case): “What? What??? You look funny too!”
  • WOMAN: “Oh! You are funny! Can I buy you a drink?”
  • MAN: “Do you come here often?”

So, I think I’ve exhausted my daily screenplay practice. Still a lot to learn, but, well, I’m in no rush. We’ll see what happens first. Someone makes a purchase or I complete the whole movie screenplay 😀

Love you all and see you soon!

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