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Welcome to CatMagg.Com – the ultimate one-stop-cat-shop made by cat fanatics for cat fanatics. If you share our passion for cats or if you are looking for a unique gifts for cat lovers – you are in the right place.

Our mission is to compile a selection of high-quality cat related items ranging from cat toys, cat furniture, cat themed accessories, costumes, bags, jewellery, foot-ware, homeware, smartphone accessories and all kinds of different cat-themed items.

For cat owners we have a finest selection of bedding, scratching posts, food and water bowls, grooming equipment, collars and carriers and all in all – almost everything cat owner needs.

In addition, we are very proud to offer:

  • Free worldwide shipping on everything
  • Special weekly discounts on our most popular products
  • Unparalleled customer service – we answer to every e-mail within 12 hours
  • Favourable refund/return policy

Our shop currently features over 240 carefully selected cat-related products. New products are being reviewed and added on a daily basis.

All products featured in our shop have already received favourable feedback from other users. In addition to this, and we are doing our best to ensure that all of them are not just well-rated, useful and good-looking but they also need to be of a high-quality.

Finally, in our blog posts we share our own adventures with 8 of our own fur-balls. We share our life with them and our life-stories with you. We regularly publish informational articles, news and advices on all cat-related topics.

All in all, we hope to cover as much as we can when it comes to cat related products and topics and we are eager of hearing back from you too. Please send us your feedback with any questions, suggestions or stories you’d like to share with us. It is always a pleasure to meet new cat lovers wherever they are.

A big “MEOW!” and a huge “Welcome!” to all of you!

Silvia and the CatMagg.Com Team

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